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Should anyone need any work done to their beloved VW then please run your wants and need past me first.

Based in Angmering West Sussex I offer the following; complete servicing all fuel types All type 1 ,2 ,3 4 t25 aircooled watercooled T4 servicing fault finding and diagnosis emmisions tuning, carb setup ,timing and electronic ignition upgrades for economy , LPG servicing, full engine rebuilds on vw aircooled and watercooled engines full brake testing diagnosis repairs, refits and refurbishments to both the friction element and hydraulic elements of your braking system suspension overhauls, refurbishments and restorations mot and remedial works all mot’s undertaken to strict vosa guidlines as most classic vws are 25 years and older its better to be stringent on saftey critical parts absolutly no back street garage hooky mots here.

To create this database, simply run:# /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_install_db --user=mysql The script will create /usr/local/mysql/var/ directory containing the necessary databases.

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allthough vw original parts will be used on all projects where ever possible.# tar -xzf mysql-5.0.37gz # cd mysql-5.0.37# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql-5.0.37 --with-charset=utf8 --with-collation=utf8_general_ci# make# make install We used the --with-charset and --with-collation options to set the default character set and collation – otherwise it would have been the default Swedish collation.I recommend creating a symbolic link called "mysql" pointing to the My SQL installation directory, in order to make referring to it from elsewhere easier:# ln -s /usr/local/mysql-5.0.37/ /usr/local/mysql This way we can always refer to My SQL installation directory as /usr/local/mysql .If you want to use Inno DB databases (what you probably will), uncomment (and perhaps edit) all innodb options in the file.Save all changes ( :wq).additional settings For proper functioning, My SQL needs a "mysql" database.

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