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The nation's links with Germanic culture strengthened during the five centuries of independence, especially in the fourteenth century, when Luxembourg's dukes also ruled the German-centered Holy Roman Empire and the national territory extended as far east as the present-day Czech Republic.

Luxembourg was conquered in 1443 by Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy.

Beginning in the second grade, French is taught as a subject, although instruction is still principally in German.The capital, Luxembourg City, where one-fifth of the people live, is in the Bon Pays .The northern third, called Eisléck ( Oesling in French and Osling in German), is hilly and heavily forested and contains only 15 percent of the population. The population increased from 281,000 in 1947 to 420,000 in 1997, a growth rate of about 1 percent per year.Over the years, French becomes more important and by high school replaces German as the language of instruction, with German limited to specialized courses in language and literature.French is the principal language for government legislation and speeches.

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