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But it has also helped him build Tinder into a phenomenon, and rather than try to recalibrate his personality as his company matures, Rad has decided to embrace his rambunctious approach.

As we’re swiping over our drinks, Rad shows me his Tinder profile, which includes a bio that reads “founder and CEO of Tinder—yes, the app you’re using.” By being so open about his high-profile identity, he knows he’s taking a risk, since his private conversations could end up getting leaked.

It’s also, in the eyes of some critics, what makes him a liability.

What colleagues describe as Rad’s “raw” leadership style has gotten him into trouble at a company where professional and personal lines are often blurred.

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“This isn’t 10x better,” he says of one messaging feature; “this is a game changer! “These meetings can get heated,” cofounder and product VP Jonathan Badeen tells me afterward.

recently reviewed 86 studies that focus on what could lead to a first date after meeting someone online.

They found it's important to use simple language in the profile description, because it makes you more memorable. IIn the first, a gutsy 20-year-old actor approached 300 women between 18 and 22, said "I think you're really pretty," and asked for their numbers.

Crafting the perfect Tinder profile can feel daunting. Researchers who delved into what leads to attraction online have found that body language in Tinder photos and the personality in the description has a lot to do with it.

Here are some Tinder profile tips that could leader to more matches.

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