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The nascent field experienced an explosion of activity in the 1990s and began to surface in everyday applications in the early 2000s.Timeline of Biometrics History 1858 – First systematic capture of hand images for identification purposes is recorded Sir William Herschel, working for the Civil Service of India, recorded a handprint on the back of a contract for each worker to distinguish employees from others who might claim to be employees when payday arrived.Chinese parents also used fingerprints and footprints to differentiate children from one another.• In early Egyptian history, traders were identified by their physical descriptors to differentiate between trusted traders of known reputation and previous successful transactions, and those new to the market.Repeat criminal offenders often provided different aliases when arrested.Bertillon noted that although they could change their names, they could not change certain elements of their bodies.

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• There is also evidence that fingerprints were used as a person’s mark as early as 500 B. “Babylonian business transactions are recorded in clay tablets that include fingerprints.” • Joao de Barros, a Spanish explorer and writer, wrote that early Chinese merchants used fingerprints to settle business transactions.

Police authorities throughout the world used his system, until its use quickly faded when it was discovered that some people shared the same measurements.

1892 – Galton develops a classification system for fingerprints Sir Francis Galton wrote a detailed study of fingerprints in which he presented a new classification system using prints from all ten fingers.

This system, called the Henry System, and variations on it are still in use for classifying fingerprints.

True biometric systems began to emerge in the latter half of the twentieth century, coinciding with the emergence of computer systems.

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