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I spent probably 100 hours on beat griding my songs.. Often when you cue in a track you feel minute adjustments need to be made. However if I could adjust live then I'd do it so the next time I use the track its beatgrid is perfect.

then i wanted to delete all songs in library to re import folders because i need to clean up music i dont play anymore.. You need to provide the capability to adjust the beatgrid during a performance - not just during preparation mode.

If you aren't using Smart Sync or are using Simple Sync and haven't checked the "snap to beatgrid" option in the setup screen, you will not see them. When pressing the Sync button in the software or on your hardware and syncing with another track, these lines will snap together to sync precisely.

It will be nice to analyze the tracks with the softwear online..For that it will be nice to analyze it with the hardwer online.. Also check if you downloaded or converted from mp4 to mp3.I just bought a ns7ii and the first event was a mess.. If it doesn't help then ur out of luck Yes, I can manually grid them, I am just trying to figure out why Serato does drop a grid in the tracks when it analyzes them...You can then set the Beatgrid on the first beat of the track (like you would do when setting a Cue Point) (Hot keys are Alt X or Alt Mouse Click on the first Beat) For songs written to a grid, the Beatgrid will be correct throughout.Some music, especially with live drums or no quantisation, tempo changes within the music, no tempo (Sun Ra), will give the software a hard time though and some manual editing might be needed. Using the set button, you can set markers to any new major transient.

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