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Other characters should include the rival/childhood friend characters (why does Cheren wear such tight pants when he’s supposed to be ten years old? makes me all sadface when I can’t do that because then I go “wait, he’s ten years old ARGH EWW BLECH DO NOT WANT”), maybe a scattered few of the trainers you just battle along routes, and other special named characters like the Kimono girls or Eusine (I’m playing Heart Gold right now, bite me) (actually, can Eusine just date Morty? But this is an easy fix – make the character’s age adjustable, and lock certain characters out from the dating pool based on age.

In this dating simulation game, you get girls to like you.Credit to Nintendo/The Pokémon Company for Pokémon.Current Version: v.3.4Update History:v.1.0 - Release on 2/6/2014 as Pokémon Battle Simulator v.1.0.v.1.1 - Several minor bug fixes that slightly change the game.v.1.2 - Changed the opposing trainer from Skinick25, to Wes from Pokémon Colosseum.v.1.3 - The sprites for Braviary and Manectric are both the sprites from X/Y, replacing the Black/White sprites.v.1.4 - Changed "Items" button to "Bag," and added 2 Super Potion items in the bag.v.1.5 - Manectric can Mega Evolve into Mega Manectric, which boosts its defense and HP a little bit.v.1.6 - Changed the sprite for Wes.v.1.7 - Added "Enter Code" button under "Options" button.v.1.8 - Added a code for Victini, to celebrate 100 views.v.1.9 - Added a code for a dozen Super Potions, to celebrate 200 views.v.2.0 - Altered the winning and losing screens.v.2.1 - Altered the logo at the beginning of the game.v.2.2 - Added Mystery Gift music for the Wonder Cards for the codes.v.2.3 - Removed "Sound On" and "Sound Off" buttons, and instead added a single "Sound Off/Sound On" button in their place.v.2.4 - Added a cry for Victini, which is an obtainable Pokémon via code.v.2.5 - Added a code that adds a new music track that you can use, and a "Select Music" button that allows you to toggle through your unlocked music tracks.v.2.6 - Changed the sprite for the Poké Ball.v.2.7 - Changed logo in the intro to my new icon I made.v.2.8 - Removed R/S/E Rival Battle Music Code, and instead added it in with regular music.v.2.9 - Increased HP of Braviary and Manectric each by 50, making each of their maximum HP 250.This makes Mega Manectric's maximum HP 270.v.3.0 - Added cries for Braviary and Manectric, and increased Victini's maximum HP from 220 to 260.v.3.1 - Changed battle background, intro, and sprite sizes, and fixed several other small bugs.v.3.2 - Removed HP boost from Manectric's Mega Evolution, and lowered Manectric's base HP to 200 from 250.v.3.3 - Removed the old glitched music code, and temporarily removed the no longer functional "Select Music" button.v.3.4 - Fixed a several small bugs with the sound and music, and changed the intro slightly. If anything he should be fuckin these hoes not kissing them.

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