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Bumble opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the dating world, and I’m excited to explore. Current relationship situation: Dating one guy but trying not to move too fast. Other than that, I was filled with curiosity and a little bit of hope about what I would find.

The first several guys I came across seemed attractive and interesting, so I felt a slight flutter of excitement.

Eventually, I decided to take a chance and like someone who came across as handsome and slightly like a tool, but claimed that he wasn’t just looking for sex. It was up to me to start the chat within 24 hours or else my chance to fall in love with this man would be gone. When I returned from coffee, I messaged my Bumble match.I tried to use something from his bio or pictures to make the connection.Like, if he said he loved pizza and beer, I might just send the pizza and beer emojis.The reason is a mixture of fear and general apathy toward the online dating process.I love romantic comedies, and there seemed to be something a bit unmagical about meeting someone electronically.

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