Medical cannabis dating

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Administrative tasks must be completed before the applications can be reviewed by commissioners, including FBI background checks for every person listed in each application and redacting certain information throughout.“It’s depersonalization,” Hardin said.“That is, going through each of the applications and redacting the individuals’ names, so when the five members of the Medical Marijuana Commission are scoring these, they’re doing it based on the merit of the application and not the individual behind the application.”Dispensaries accounted for 227 of the applications, while the remaining 95 were for cultivation operations.Zone 3 (upper Delta) and Zone 7 (lower Delta), were first and second in the number of cultivation center applications, with Jefferson County leading all other counties in the state with 13.Zone 3 also edged out Zone 5 (central Arkansas) for the total number of dispensary applications; Pulaski County led all counties on this measurement with 26 dispensary applications. Passin is the world’s largest cannabis dating network.

So it takes a lot of time to put this stuff together.

- Would-be medical marijuana entrepreneurs give Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) top marks for its handling of the early stages of the application process.

But with 322 applicants for dispensary and/or cultivation privileges, even the state’s best-laid plans are straining under the weight of its workload.

Supporters of an initiative petition to ask voters to legalize medical marijuana gathered enough signatures last year to schedule a statewide referendum on the measure, known as State Question 788.

If approved by voters, the measure would permit doctors to recommend a patient, who is at least 25 years old, for a state-issued medical marijuana license.

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