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And this post is dedicated to all the jamoon lovers.Try a different version of one of India’s most loved sweet, Gulab Jamun.I have recipes for both jamun with kova and jamun with milk powder in my cookbook that mom gave to me, but the problem is measurement.She has given everything in bulk and it wont work for me. First I saw the gulab jamun recipe with khoya from Sanjeev Kapoor’s site, but it had chenna in it, So I referred Kaveri Venkatesh’s recipe from Palakkad Chamayal. I am now confident enough to try the other version with milk powder too.Take rest of the cardamom powder, diced cashews and pistachios, 1 tbsp mawa, 1-2 tsp milk and mix all the ingredients to prepare the stuffing. With help of your thumb and finger check the syrup. Formation of one thread or two thread is not necessary. Add little milk at a time with help of a spoon and knead well. Instead of turning over the gulab jamun, you can also pour oil over the gulab jamun with the help of ladle. If the gulab jamun is prepared easily, you can use this mixture for making more but if the gulab jamun splits in oil, then the mixture cannot be used for making gulab jamun.

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It is the most easiest sweet recipes that we can make for any occasions like Diwali or birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration. I have tried gulab jamun with milk powder, but not been lucky to get it right, but sure I will post one day when I get it right, I am sure I will get it as now I learnt from my mistakes.If the gulab jamun is ready, use the mixture for making rest.Take little amount of mixture, roll and then flatten it.There may be variations due to Government's latest updates. Against each rate, please check the "Effective from" date.If you need to check a rate before "Effective from", please check on government website.

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