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This can take a very long time, however there *is* a way to slightly speed it up.

As for the actual note: Head to the train graveyard to the right so you can save up money to buy 99 Iron Bangles.

She's sitting in a crouched position on the lower part of the screen.

| | | |Trivia: Depending on who's alive when Guard Scorpion raises its tail, the | | in-battle dialogue changes.If you like this guide, be sure to hit the RECOMMEND BUTTON at the top. It's not recommended to sell any other items you own because they aren't as profitable. Mono Drives (the small floating robots) sometimes drop an Ether. Just pray they drop it, because it's a rather rare drop. Head down to the next screen, grab the green marble (now formally known as a Restore Materia) and fiddle with the valve. .------------------------------------------------------------------------------. |Name: Guard Scorpion (Level: 12) |Weakness: Lightning | |HP: 800 |Nullifies: Poison, Gravity | |Exp: 100 |-----------------------------------| |AP: 10 |Status Effects Weaknesses: | |Gil: 100 |Slow, Stop | |Drops: Assault Gun(100%) '-----------------------------------| |Attacks: Search Scope [1 Enemy, Selects target for next attack] | | Rifle [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 41 Base Damage] | | Scorpion's Tail [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 71.75 Base Damage] | | Tail Laser [All Enemies, Phys Atk, 123 Base Damage] | |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Strategy: Guard Scorpion is a mechanical enemy, making it very vulnerable | |--------- against lightning-based attacked. Generally, Save Points appear before bosses or other moments when 'something' is going to happen.

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