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If I text someone and ask them if they want to hang out in the near future, I fully expect an interested person to say, "I'm free on this day at this time." If I request a specific day and they're unavailable, I fully expect him to say, "Sorry, I can't that day, but how about this day?

" It's not hard to make plans, and even if you're busy, you should be able to find some time that works for both of you.

And by using the word “Queen” you’re putting her second to you, the King.

It can’t be explained in detail without more discussion on theory and its more wide spread application in life.

If you're in a fairly new relationship and are worried Potential Bae is about to back out, check out these seven signs that could forewarn you that the person you're seeing is about to go AWOL.

If you're a newcomer to the ghosting scene, I would first like to offer my condolences.

Not that every date has to turn into a 24-hour sleepover followed by brunch, but if you're always left wanting more when they cut and run, it could mean they're not that into you.

This is a tough one, because if things are genuinely going well, someone might deactivate their Tinder or Ok Cupid because they like you a lot and want to stop the search.

I’ve curated a curriculum of sorts, something of value for any man who reads it.

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