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The plane crashed July 19, during a flight from Denver to Chicago.

FILE - In this July 22, 1989 file photo cranes lift the tail section of United Airlines Flight 232 onto a truck after the Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10 carrying nearly 300 people crash landed at the Sioux City, Iowa, airport.

The remains of a passenger on United Airlines flight 232 is transferred to a van, for transportation to a temporary morgue, near the runway of the Sioux City, Airport. The DC-10 crashed while trying to make an emergency landing after developing mechanical trouble in flight.

Debi Belliveau of Michigan City, Ind., looks for her husband after talking to reporters about her experience aboard United Airlines Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, July 20, 1989.

More than 100 people died when the plane tried to make an emergency landing during a flight from Denver to Chicago.

Investigators are continuing to search for the cause of the crash.

Later the fuselage was moved into a nearby hanger where officials could inspect it closer.

A burnt area shows the contact point and crash path of United Airlines flight 232 after it exploded on impact during an attempted emergency landing at Sioux City Airport in Sioux City, Iowa on July 20, 1989.

Cranes hoisted the section, which many survivors were seated in, onto the truck for transport to a nearby hanger where officials will further inspect it.

And the heroic work of the pilot and crew has been lauded in movies and books.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigator walks in front of the torn portion of the passenger compartment of the United Airlines DC-10 that crashed and exploded on landing at Sioux Gateway Airport, near Sioux City, Iowa, July 21, 1989.

Through the efforts of the flight crew and emergency personnel on the ground, 184 of the 296 passengers survived.

The flight is considered one of the most impressive life-saving efforts in aviation history.

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