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In the context of building the national conscience were sedimented the key-insignia of Romanian port, that distinguish it from surrounding ethnic groups.

After World War I, the popular clothing generalized across traditional communities remain just in the everyday life of older generation, becoming a ceremonial vestment.

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Diaries of foreign travelers, particularly those of Antonio Maria Del Chiaro Fiorentino (secretary of Italian language of Constantin Brâncoveanu) and officer Friedrich Schwanz von Springfels contain rich information about the garments of Romanians: ladies, patronesses and peasant women wore identically tailored shirts, distinct being only the methods used for decoration.However, they can still be seen in more remote areas, on special occasions, and at ethnographic and folk events.Each historical region has its own specific variety of costume.Dacian women wore shirts rippled at the neck related to the Romanian ie. The dress was long to the ground, over which sometimes was attached a wide draped mantle.In the feet they wore leather sandals in summer and fur sandals in winter.

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