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“The defendant confessed to threatening and exploiting minors into engaging in self-exploitation and then recording (or) producing child pornography videos of the acts,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson said in charging papers.

“Without a doubt the defendant has evidenced the threat he poses to community safety, most specifically minor children.” According to charging papers, FBI agents arrested a member of a ring in November 2015 during a child pornography investigation.

“Michael Berenson stated he would threaten the victims by telling them he was going to show the videos to their parents if they did not perform sexual acts he was requesting of them,” the FBI agent said in court papers.

“Michael stated he would use the sexually explicit files he captured to trade, distribute and masturbate.” Berenson told investigators he had a terabyte of child pornography on an encrypted hard drive, the agent continued.

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Our cameras contain a range of sensors and a powerful computer that analyzes data, logically links it and independently initiates actions to defend against hazards. 1750, Latin for "light chamber"), which uses prisms to produce on paper beneath the instrument an image which can be traced of a distant object. as a short form of Modern Latin camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), contrasted with (c.Investigators claim Berenson, 28, admitted to blackmailing girls he and his associates had duped into making sexually explicit videos.Berenson’s price, according to investigators, was more child pornography for his terabyte-size collection.

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